How Can Attribution Help My Organization?


Marketing attribution enables better budget allocation across channels and better returns. When you know where your sales or responses are coming from, you can do more of what works and eliminate the waste.

Justifies digital spending/marketing budget
Knowing where your sales or responses are coming from will help you make sense of what you are spending and why.

Provides understanding on where to apply marketing spend
Giving credit to the right source allows you to allocate the proper resources to only the necessary touchpoints.

Creates most effective media mix based on true value toward conversion
Creating the best attribution model for your organization leads to results and an improved ROI on your marketing spend.

Enables understanding of funnel and sales cycle length to plan campaigns
Understanding a customer’s or prospect’s buying process enables organizations to effectively plan campaigns based on customer behavior.

Optimizes campaign performance
Understanding where leads come from enables an organization to produce effective marketing campaigns.

Correctly determines affiliate payments
Affiliate marketing is the process of paying a commission to others for their promotion of your product, business or organization. You pay others a portion of the profit they generate through their promotion. Using attribution allows organizations to correctly determine which affiliate is generating sales, leads or traffic to them, allowing proper affiliate payments.

Provides deeper understanding of customer behavior
Attributing your sales or responses will also provide insight on how your audience engages with various media channels.