What are the Pillars to a good attribution practice?


Organizations should ensure these pillars are in place before preparing for attribution or selecting an attribution model; absent this proper foundation, organizations should proceed with caution.

Invest in the technology needed to collect, clean, and analyze the data.

Identify technology that best fits your campaign’s budget and objective.

Train organization staff on technology and processes needed to ensure effective implementation of attribution model.

Identify and collect data that meets organizational needs and provides actionable insights.

Organization staff should familiarize themselves with the data collection and analysis process to create a level of comfort with the data and results.

Ensure data cleanliness and link data across various touchpoints.

Establish an organizational structure that ensures the appropriate coordination between the Chief Marketing Officer and all necessary executives and team members.

Decide which physical organizational model will work best for your organization: centralized, decentralized, or centralized decentralization. The central team is responsible for analytics frameworks and complex project execution. The decentralized teams simply focus on fast, hyper relevant analysis.

Reconcile old information and practices with the organization’s new approach to attribution.