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Marketing attribution is assigning “credit” to each marketing channel touched by a consumer when making a purchasing decision. There are a number of approaches to attributing sales, and In today’s multi-channel environment, precisely attributing the source of a lead or purchase has never been more complicated. Yet, future campaign strategies and spend hinge on determining the value of each marketing touchpoint. This page includes research to help you understand the twisting path a consumer takes in their decision-making process. It will help marketers make informed decisions about how to best prioritize their budgets by learning more about marketing attribution.

Attribution Research

Date Title Publication Marketing Channel Pay/Freesort descending
12/2014 The Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising Association of National Advertisers Digital / Social Media Free
4/2017 The Past, Present, and Future of Attribution Ad Roll Any Marketing Channel Free
5/2015 Are Marketers Measuring Their Business Value? eMarketer Any Marketing Channel Free
3/2013 Advertising Analytics 2.0 Harvard Business Review Any Marketing Channel Free
10/2014 Mapping the Customer Journey: A Graph-Based Framework for Online Attribution Modeling Social Science Research Network Digital / Social Media Free