Customer Journey Maps for Demographic Online Customer Profiles

In the digital landscape where the customer is defining and reveling in his choices each marketer should look at how best to cater to a specific customer so that both sides walks away smiling. In order to do this most product and service companies are currently drawing up their typical customer profiles and takes it to a higher level by giving the customer profile indicative of a particular segment a specific persona. Personas help marketers to think like the character and draw out the reactions of that person to the changes brought by the company. Companies also plot the typical journey of these indicative personas to identify the touch points so as to improve the total experience by information available at these points. The objective of this study is to draw up different personas who engage in online purchasing methods. Further segmentation is targeted using the demographic variables to arrive at different personas depicting the typical generation of online consumers. It also aims at defining the particular features of these outlined personas. In continuation of this process a consumer journey map for each of these personas would be drawn highlighting the touch points or the points of influence which influences their final decision making.

International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking
Tholath, Deepa; Casimirraj S.J., Fr.
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