The Development of Innovative CRM E-Commerce: The Case of

This research discusses how e-commerce companies improve their competitiveness in the retail industry in Indonesia through innovative CRM. is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia , and stays competitive with other e-commerce companies by providing its clients with innovative services. This research also aims to explore the strategies carried out by in developing its CRM. It uses the 7s stages of the McKinsey analytical methodology. The 7s stages of McKinsey from the method of analyzing a company, through its hard skills (strategy, structure, and system) and soft skills (skill, staff, and style). This research finds that is an innovative CRM e-commerce company. The analysis confirms that employs strategies, structure, and system that have lead to a competitive company. The company also provides training for its staff, managing the staff properly. As a result, can widen its market, compete effectively with other e-commerce companies, and create a new market to gain great profits in the future.

Binus Business Review
Indra Gamayanto
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