Factors Influencing Customers Buying Behavior in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has gained immense popularity in the contemporary business world because of its convenience in sending promotional messages to individual customers. Marketing activities conducted via mobile devices enable advertisers to directly communicate with potential customers in a fast speed and regardless the geographical location. Mobile advertising has been recently referred as one of the best means to cut through the clutter and interact directly with the consumer. Hence, with the trend toward direct, one-to-one marketing, more attention is being paid to the use of the mobile channel as a means of effectively advertising to consumers. Indian mobile market is one of the fastest growing markets due to the increase in the number of middle-income consumers, and is forecasted to reach millions of users in the next decade. Thus, research on mobile advertising would impact greatly on the way business is done. This study seeks to explore the factors influencing customers buying behavior in mobile marketing. This study aims to explore the relationship between the attributes of customers who use mobile phone and their behavioral intentions. A total of 72 valid responses were received from a survey in Chennai city. The results revealed that there exists a positive relationship between the attributes of customers using mobile phones and their behavioral intentions.

International Journal on Global Business Management & Research
Thangadurai, Solomon J
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