The purpose of this project is to conduct an empirical study on the effectiveness of social customer relationship management on social media (Facebook, You Tube, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) marketing and followership, in the college level consumer demographic. It is important to understand how businesses can better their communication and marketing to the consumer, and whether the social medium plays a role in success. With the growing success and use of social media, businesses must embrace the future. The effectiveness of social media marketing is difficult to derive because the amount of publicity an advertisement or business may receive on the Internet may heavily depend on word of mouth, click or like. A multivariate statistical analysis was perjbrmed to develop multiple-regression models, as well as a Pearson's Correlation modeL Results show statistical signijicances of the overall models and variances of demographics, immersion, and communication factor in relation to total followership.

Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Carlson, Ashley; Lee, C Christopher
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