Research Report: 2014 Omnichannel Marketing

The objectives of this study were to better understand how marketers are using omnichannel marketing and to
measure its effect as part of an overall marketing strategy.
The objective of this survey, which was conducted online in December 2014, was to better understand how marketers are using Omnichannel marketing and measuring its impact as part of an overall marketing strategy. This study was conducted in collaboration among the ANA, BAA (now part of the ANA), and Rubinson Partners, Inc.

The findings included the following:

Omnichannel marketing is a pervasive and growing marketing practice.
Budgets for Omnichannel marketing efforts are still relatively small.
The Omnichannel marketing budget resides in both the consumer & brand and shopper marketing practices.
Marketers are still struggling to master the brand activation part of Omnichannel marketing.
ANA marketers have very low confidence in their organizations’ ability to deliver on key marketing practices.
Responsibility for omnichannel marketing efforts are dispersed across the organization.
Over half of ANA marketers agree that omnichannel marketing improves ROI. However there seems to be a disconnect between metrics most often used and those offering real value.

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