Value Propositions and Marketing Objectives

This chapter discusses how a marketing strategy is initiated, beginning with the organization’s objectives, its value proposition, the resulting way(s) it measures and assesses its past and current performance, and the steps and approaches it uses to reach these objectives. Internal nonprofit analysis first identifies the organization’s needs and then determines what clients and constituents want and what donors and other stakeholders will support. To assess the role of objectives in competitive strategy, the leadership must consider the planning process. The first goal for any organization is to decide whom its agency services and nonprofit products will serve. By developing a mission statement, an organization also develops boundaries around its objectives, requiring the nonprofit to function within a defined universe of activity aimed at a particular outcome. To build a more effective marketing strategy, the chapter provides five critical issues a strategist must address through his or her information systems.

Successful Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations: Winning in the Age of the Elusive Donor, Second Edition
McLeish, Barry
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