2018 Trends: Predictions From Ecommerce Marketing Experts

Learn why batch-and-blast email is losing its effectiveness and the email techniques to replace it, how techniques like user-generated content and the mining of unstructured data can boost email effectiveness, what artificial intelligence is offering today – and what it could offer years from now, and how omnichannel merchants can leverage physical locations as part of their online strategy.

The 2017 Consumer Content Report: Influence in the Digital Age

In today’s connected world, where people are constantly confronted with a myriad of content competing for their attention, what content and sources do consumers seek out, trust and find influential? We surveyed 2,000 adults in the U.S., UK and Australia, examining the content being created and shared online, and what influences consumers’ purchasing decisions most.

Social Strategies for Retail

Location intelligence. Landing page tips. In-store social engagement. There’s so much to learn and master about social for retail. To help kick-start your new year, we’ve gathered our most popular retail blog posts. Learn best practices for unlocking the potential of location intelligence, how retailers can use social engagement to drive in-store sales, and proven social media marketing strategies from three leading retailers.

2018 Email Marketing Lookbook

Today’s email marketers strive to build relationships with their customers and drive revenue through the email channel. Building an optimized email program requires marketers to incorporate certain key email campaigns designed to keep customers engaged throughout the subscriber lifecycle. To help marketers build and run an effective email program, we created our latest guide—2018 Email Marketing Lookbook.

Integrated Marketing for Seamless Customer Experiences

Destinations, venues, terminals, and malls now recognize that they are more than physical spaces — today they aim to enrich consumer experiences. But how can brands unlock this potential — aligning digital and physical spaces for truly integrated, multichannel experiences? Connected Spaces is a combination of technology and data that enables you to better identify, understand and engage with customers across all touchpoints.

2018 App Marketing Guide

As more people turn to apps, there's plenty of opportunity for brands to build longer, more valuable relationships with their users. Now you just need to know where to focus your strategy, and we're here to help. In our free 2018 App Marketing Guide, we analyzed the big events, trends, and data behind mobile marketing in 2017. It covers everything that’s going to drive the best in mobile engagement and analytics this year. Inside, you’ll find out why: Onboarding matters more than ever, Rich push notifications get better results for marketers, A.I.

A Blueprint for Using Audience Insights in Marketing Strategies

Most marketers think they have a good understanding of wants and expectations of their different audience groups. But often, they rely on stereotypes about consumer segments which might overgeneralize and mislead marketing strategies. Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed 300 brands online and during the Shop.org conference in September of 2017 to uncover exactly where marketers’ understanding of their audience falters, and identify ways to bridge those gaps.

ForeSee Experience Index: Retail CX Rankings

We surveyed 40,000 shoppers to uncover how their experiences are shaping buying habits, and how well the world’s biggest retailers are meeting their needs. Download the Retail CX Rankings to find out how the top 50 retailers scored on: Customer experience for web, mobile, and store, Omnichannel CX, and Brand loyalty and reputation.

7 Inspiring Email Templates

Technology has changed: smart phones and tablets, and wearables have changed when and where, and even how we interact with our emails. What once required you to sit down at a computer is now something you can do on the train, on a plane, or just on-the-go. But email is still the beating heart of most marketing campaigns - particularly for B2B marketers. While there are a lot of ways to build a good email, nothing is as inspiring as seeing how other people do it. So we've compiled 7 of the most inspiring email templates from B2B companies of all sizes and industries.

The Cross-Channel Difference: How Breaking Down Silos Can Boost Engagement More Than 800%

It’s been clear for a while that using multiple messaging channels to reach customers has a positive effect. But there’s a big difference between knowing that a cross-channel strategy is smart business and understanding just how much adding a second (or third) marketing channel can boost engagement. Braze (formerly Appboy) has the full scoop on what cross-channel can mean for engagement—from how each channel drives engagement to what combinations have the biggest lift. Here’s what you need to know.