Media channels are various media a marketer or a company uses to promote, sell and distribute its products or services. With so many choices available, deciding which channels to use and for what purposes can be challenging. This research and case study library contains key research that addresses the strengths of each media channel, how those channels can rise above the noise to provide a lift, the kinds of audiences each channel can research, as well as the value of using multiple media types in a marketing campaign.

Media Channels and Case Study Library

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
2/2017 Tuned In: The Brain’s Response to Ad Sequencing Research USPS OIG Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
2/2017 Digital Marketing 101: Key Tools for Engagement Marketing Research Marketo Digital / Social Media
2/2017 App Annie 2016 Retrospective — Mobile’s Continued Momentum  Research App Annie Mobile
2/2017 Digital Transformation 2017 Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
1/2017 Bank used Dimensional Direct Mail to Increase Sales Opportunities Case Study Direct Mail
1/2017 Digital Marketer Dilemmas (And the Solutions that Succeed) Research Ad Roll Digital / Social Media
1/2017 Mobile Retail Trends Report: Mobile Shopping & Influence During Cyber Week 2016 Research Urban Airship Mobile
1/2017 2017 App Marketing Guide Research Loyalytics Digital / Social Media
12/2016 TOOLKIT 2017 ‘DARK SOCIAL’ AND CHAT APPS Research Warc Any Marketing Channel
11/2016 United States Postal Service: Delivering maximum impact - how big data and omnichannel marketing work with direct mail Research ANA Magazine Direct Mail
11/2016 Direct Mail: Email is fast but letter is better Research Market Leader Direct Mail
11/2016 How B2B Marketing Automation Service Providers Help Drive Marketing Transformation Research Forrester Any Marketing Channel
11/2016 Grocer Increased Sales through Enhanced Coupon Circulars Case Study Direct Mail
11/2016 The path to 2020: Marketers seize the customer experience Research The Economist Intelligence Unit Any Marketing Channel
10/2016 Summer Camp Tripled Enrollment with Postcard Campaign Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Increased Company’s Sales Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 How Analytics Drives Customer Life-Cycle Management Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
10/2016 Business Uses Direct Mail to Expand Client Base in Motorcycle Accessories Industry Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Manufacturing Company Gained New Clients with Direct Mail Campaign Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report: Fall 2016 Research Greenlight Insights Digital / Social Media, Emerging Channels, Mobile
10/2016 Online Retailer Finds Successful Campaign to Reach Email Unsubscribers Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Insurance Agent Expanded Client Base in Competitive Personal Insurance Industry Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Fuel Supplier Expanded Customer Base through Postcards Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Online Re-commerce Store Used Direct Mail to Increase Customer Loyalty Case Study Direct Mail
10/2016 Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand Research Journal of Business Research Digital / Social Media