Creating an effective marketing strategy that represents an organization’s brand and meets business objectives is essential. Marketers are tuning their efforts to connect with consumers wherever they are to achieve complete customer-centric engagement. In order to stay relevant in today’s digital era, organizations must strategically coordinate their communications efforts across a variety of communication channels and use those channels clearly and consistently to maximize impact. Integrated marketing uses both traditional and digital media to effectively engage consumers.

Tapping into omni-channel marketing, tracking insights into consumer behavior and media consumption, and staying on top of media and marketing trends and technologies are vital to successfully connecting and relating to today’s consumers. Marketers must stay abreast of new technologies, ideas and trends in a constantly changing future. This page contains essential research and case studies that span marketing channels and industries that any marketer- novice or seasoned – will find highly beneficial and relevant.

Integrated Communications Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
10/2018 A guide to customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and unit economics Research TechInAsia Any Marketing Channel
10/2018 SaaS Metrics 2.0 – Detailed Definitions Research Any Marketing Channel
10/2018 Measure The Return On Sales and Marketing Investments with the CLV:CAC Ratio Research Klipfolio Any Marketing Channel
10/2018 Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost Research Waterstone Any Marketing Channel
9/2018 Merging Social Media And Direct Mail Research Any Marketing Channel
2/2018 eMarketer Report: Email Marketing Benchmarks  Research eMarketer Any Marketing Channel
2/2018 The Cross-Channel Difference: How Breaking Down Silos Can Boost Engagement More Than 800% Research Braze Any Marketing Channel
1/2018 Social Strategies for Retail Research Sprinklr Any Marketing Channel
10/2017 Empowering your events marketing with email Research Dot Mailer Any Marketing Channel
10/2017 Navigating Social Media Marketing Research Adtaxi Any Marketing Channel
8/2017 The Big Rewards of Email Deliverability Research Sparkpost Any Marketing Channel
8/2017 StatPack: US Omnichannel Retail Research eMarketer Any Marketing Channel
8/2017 Subject Line Benchmarks Research Yes LifeCycle Marketing Any Marketing Channel
8/2017 The Core Four: Essential Marketing Technologies Research Webdam Any Marketing Channel
7/2017 FitForCommerce Report 2017: From Idea to Doorstep Research FitforCommerce Any Marketing Channel
5/2017 Here Are The Advertising Types That Consumers Say They Tolerate the Most Research Marketing Charts Any Marketing Channel
5/2017 Why Omni-Channel Retailers are Winning Research Salesforce Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 The Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing Research Loyalytics Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 2017 Email Benchmarks & Trends Report Research Inbox Marketer Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 State of Online Retail Performance Research Soasta Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 The Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics Research Crimson Hexagon Any Marketing Channel
4/2017 Adopt an App+ Strategy, Move Beyond Apps to Win, Serve and Retain Your Customers Research Forrester Any Marketing Channel
3/2017 US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2017 Research IBM Any Marketing Channel
3/2017 Omni-channel Report Card Self Assessment Research IBM Any Marketing Channel
12/2016 TOOLKIT 2017 ‘DARK SOCIAL’ AND CHAT APPS Research Warc Any Marketing Channel