Newspapers and magazines are traditional and trusted advertising channels. Newspaper ads can be adjusted easily and targeted to audiences at every market segment - local, regional and national. Magazines can have both a broad appeal or be topic specific.

Although they have a longer lead time for ad placement, they offer many opportunities for repeat handling. As smartphone and tablet technologies continue to evolve, so too has the interactivity of print media. For example, print advertisers can now incorporate digital elements into print, such as Quick Response Codes (QR) and personalized URLS (PURLS). These digital elements can steer a consumer to a company’s website, helping bridge print and on-line marketing. Research pertaining to the effectiveness of traditional print marketing strategies in the digital era can be found on this page.

Print Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
7/2017 Cross Media Campaign Increases Donations by 84% Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail, Mobile, Print
10/2016 Publisher Increases Subscription Rates with Personalized Bundles Case Study Direct Mail, Print
10/2016 Grocer Used Customer Data to Create Marketing Profile for Each Store Location Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail, Print
4/2016 Behind the Mind: How the brain reacts to printed and digital communication Research PostNord Digital / Social Media, Print
1/2016 Is online newspaper advertising cannibalizing print advertising? Research Quantitative Marketing and Economics Digital / Social Media, Print
12/2015 How Publicity and Advertising Spending Affect Marketing and Company Performance: Print Media Publicity about Durable-Goods Research International Journal of Advertising Print
9/2015 Reflecting a diversified country: a content analysis of newspaper advertisements in Great Britain Research Marketing Intelligence & Planning Print
9/2015 The Print Campaign Analysis  Research Magazine Publishers Assn. Digital / Social Media, Mobile, Print
8/2015 A relational approach to direct mail consumption: The perspective of engagement regimes Research European Journal of Marketing Print
12/2014 Billboard and cinema advertising: Missed opportunity or spoiled arms? Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Print, TV / Radio
12/2014 Identifying the Relevant Factors in Newspaper Advertising Effectiveness Research Palabra - Clave Print
11/2014 Publicity and advertising: what matter most for sales? Research European Journal of Marketing Print
9/2014 How the industry is marketing menthol cigarettes: the audience, the message and the medium Research Tobacco Control Print
9/2014 Multichannel advertising: does print advertising affect search engine advertising? Research European Journal of Marketing Print
5/2014 The Role Of Print Advertising During Product Recall Crisis Research Innovare Journal of Business Management Print
1/2014 High-tech marketing communication in the automotive industry: a content analysis of print advertisements Research International Journal of Business Environment Print
12/2013 Maximizing Profits for a Multi-Category Catalog Retailer Research Journal of Retailing Print
3/2013 Can a Print Publication Be Equally Effective Online? Testing the Effect of Medium Type on Marketing Communications Research Marketing Letters Digital / Social Media, Print
2/2013 Targeted Advertising in Magazine Markets and the Advent of the Internet Research Management Science Print
8/2012 Comparative Effectiveness of Radio, Print and Web Advertising Research Social Science Research Network Digital / Social Media, Print, TV / Radio
6/2012 Print advertising: White space Research Journal of Business Research Print
5/2012 Key trends in environmental advertising across 30 years in National Geographic magazine Research Public Understanding of Science Print
3/2012 Is An Advertisement Worth The Paper It's Printed on? The Impact of Premium Print Advertising On Consumer Perceptions Research Journal of Advertising Research Direct Mail, Print
1/2012 Marketing to the American entrepreneur: Insights and trends from mass‐market print magazine advertising Research Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship Print