Mobile Advertising: A Framework and Research Agenda

Analysts predict that the mobile advertising market will reach over $65 billion by 2019, all because of a small device that most users keep within arm's reach. Despite the growing opportunities for communication with customers, all firms can be negatively impacted by intrusive factors that significantly affect their mobile advertising and other marketing strategies. The purpose of this article is to offer expertise on a mobile advertising effectiveness framework to help marketers identify and harness the market factors around them. In this framework, Grewal et al. explore environmental, technological, and consumer context factors to find out which mobile advertising strategies will stick. They also explore the complexities and significance of the consumer's past behavior and stage within the shopping process. Finally, the researchers offer advice on what market factors to watch out for during strategy implementation.

Journal of Interactive Marketing
Dhruv Grewal, Yakov Bart, Martin Spann, Peter Pal Zubcsek
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