Posting Date Title Publicationsort descending Pay/Free
3/2013 Social Media: From Discovery to Marketing-A Primer for Lawyers American Journal of Trial Advocacy $
3/2016 Paper and pixels: Putting a digital stamp on direct mail ANA Magazine Free
11/2016 United States Postal Service: Delivering maximum impact - how big data and omnichannel marketing work with direct mail ANA Magazine Free
11/2013 Inclusion of social marketing objectives on the nation's health agenda: A case study APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition 2013 $
7/2017 Global App Economy Forecast App Annie Free
2/2017 App Annie 2016 Retrospective — Mobile’s Continued Momentum  App Annie Free
4/2017 Mobile App Marketing Your Guide to the Basics App Annie Free
2/2016 Data governance and digital transformation: Using the customer journey to define a framework Applied Marketing Analytics $
8/2014 The challenge of digital marketing attribution across internet devices Applied Marketing Analytics Free
6/2016 Customer-centricity and marketing attribution: Here is why it matters and how to get started Applied Marketing Analytics $
6/2016 Using lift-testing to measure the true value of digital marketing in the cross-device world Applied Marketing Analytics $
10/2015 Marketing Disruption II Association of National Advertisers $
10/2016 How Strong Brands Impact Financial Value Association of National Advertisers $
4/2016 U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast report Association of National Advertisers Free
5/2014 Unleashing the Power of Cross-Platform Advertising Association of National Advertisers Free
6/2016 An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the U.S. Advertising Industry Association of National Advertisers Free
12/2014 The Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising Association of National Advertisers Free
3/2015 Research Report: 2014 Omnichannel Marketing Association of National Advertisers $
4/2016 State of Inbound Channel Marketing 2016 Averetek Free
1/2018 Get Ominichannel Meausrement Right Axciom Free
1/2019 How to Achieve A 10/10 Quality Score on Google AdWords Free
4/2017 Separating Signal From Noise Bazaar Voice Free
7/2017 How best-in-class retailers use CGC to win shoppers and increase sales Bazaar Voice Free
4/2011 Storytelling Group - a co-design method for service design Behavior and Information Technology $
11/2014 Estimating the incremental effects of interactions for marketing attribution Behavior, Economic and Social Computing (BESC), 2014 International Conference $