Social TV: How Social Media Activity Interacts With TV Advertising

Image of a person holding both a mobile phone and a TV remote control

Social TV is the simultaneous consumption of television alongside social media chatter about the programming. This topic is highly relevant for marketers. Usually it is considered a bad thing for TV advertisers, and while there can be distraction from the ads, marketers can also benefit from Social TV's positive effects. Consumers' multiscreen activities can be used to attract more viewers, to leverage TV campaigns, and to increase sales. To take advantage of social TV, marketers need to develop a social media and ad design strategy for TV shows. Not every "social show‚" is good for them. Many programs receive a high volume of program-related chatter at the expense of advertiser-related word of mouth, but some programs generate high levels of online conversations that can also benefit their advertisers. Marketers are well served to identify those programs that are conducive to advertiser-related chatter. Also, specific ad designs can further encourage buzz.

GfK Marketing Intelligence Review
Beth L. Fossen
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