A well-crafted radio or tv marketing campaign can be an effective way to announce a new product or service to a large audience or build a brand. TV and radio marketing campaigns lend themselves to entertaining approaches and creative storytelling. This page provides research about successfully using radio and tv marketing to build a brand or advertise to a global audience.

TV/Radio Research and Case Studies

Date Titlesort descending Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
6/2017 7 TV Ad Trends for 2017 Research TV Squared TV / Radio
7/2016 Ad Agency Clients Are Most Interested in Advertising on TV Research eMarketer TV / Radio
3/2016 Advertising Media Planning, Optimal Pricing, and Welfare Research Journal of Economics & Management Strategy TV / Radio
12/2012 Audience As Product: Identifying Advertiser Preferences Research Journal of Media Business Studies TV / Radio
12/2015 Audience Targeting Top Method Used to Place TV Ads Research eMarketer TV / Radio
1/2014 Behind the Screens Research Marketing Insights TV / Radio
7/2011 Better at Life Stuff: Consumption, Identity, and Class in Apple’s “Get a Mac” Campaign Research Journal of Communication Inquiry TV / Radio
12/2014 Billboard and cinema advertising: Missed opportunity or spoiled arms? Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Print, TV / Radio
7/2011 Branding over Internet and TV Advertising Research Journal of Promotion Management TV / Radio
9/2016 Brief: TV Planning Goes Data-Driven And Audience-Based Research Forrester TV / Radio
11/2013 Can advertising influence the results of hedonic tests for food products? Research International Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
8/2012 Comparative Effectiveness of Radio, Print and Web Advertising Research Social Science Research Network Digital / Social Media, Print, TV / Radio
11/2011 Competing for consumer memory in television advertising Research International Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
11/2011 Context effects of TV programme-induced interactivity and telepresence on advertising responses Research International Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
9/2015 Creative That Sells: How Advertising Execution Affects Sales Research Journal of Advertising TV / Radio
6/2011 Crowdsourcing Gains Legitimacy For Advertisers Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile, TV / Radio
2/2016 Cultural differences affect interactive television advertising Research Journal of Marketing Communications TV / Radio
1/2011 Digital Natives: The Generation That Music Product Strategy Forgot Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
5/2014 Do Pleasant Emotional Ads Make Consumers Like Your Brand More? Research GfK-Marketing Intelligence Review TV / Radio
8/2014 Effectiveness of radio spokesperson's gender, vocal pitch and accent and the use of music in radio advertising Research BRQ Business Research Quarterly TV / Radio
5/2014 Enhancing television advertising: same-language subtitles can improve brand recall, verbal memory, and behavioral intent Research Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science TV / Radio
9/2012 Exploding the Legend of TV Advertising and Price Promotions Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
12/2011 Financial services ads and viewer response profiles: Psychometric properties of a shortened scale Research Journal of Financial Services Marketing TV / Radio
10/2011 Forecasting television ratings Research International Journal of Forecasting TV / Radio
7/2014 Harness The Power Of The Second Screen Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile, TV / Radio